Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bounce - Airborne - Live Jazz from the Past

Bounce - Airborne - Live Jazz from the Past - Bounce from Take Off the 1st and Debut release by Airborne a High Energy Contemporary Jazz CD with a mixture of Funk and Fusion. Watch out for the Airborne - 25th Anniversary - Silver Skies CD with all new compositions to be released in 2013 - -

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Airborne - Winds of Change (Reprise) Video

On January 21, 2013 the second inauguration of President Obama will take place. Also on that day we honor the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. a man of peace who with non-violent actions helped in the struggle for civil and human rights. In 2008 this video by Airborne the Musical Peacemakers of Contemporary Jazz from their awarding winning CD “Winds of Change” shows that we as people must stand together as one to achieve peace and global unity. To help us realize that we must put an end to the senseless violence that is happening everyday all around us. This video was viewed at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver that first nominated President Obama and has been used since for Inspirational Workshops all over the World. Two great men with visions of peace and non-violence that our world really needs to understand to survive. Please take this to your heart and share this wonderful video of praise and peace on these days of remembrance. -