Friday, July 27, 2007

“Turbulence” the new CD from the contemporary jazz group Airborne stays right on course but never plays it safe

"Turbulence” the 5th CD from "Airborne", the multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven CT USA stays right on course with today’s jazz radio formats but never plays it safe. They keep a musical atmosphere of contemporary jazz that is intense and complex. Yet still it awakes a spirit of peaceful serenity and a beautiful jazz sound of island passion and urban emotion.

Jazz industry experts have often talked about the state of smooth jazz and its radio format. Many agree that jazz artists have conformed their music to fit in and get airplay. Airplay is the major key to any artist’s success. How does Airborne fit in to this mix? By keeping their souls and hearts focused on humility. Echoing a kind voice that is understood and respected. They have a young musical spirit that cannot be tamed nor duplicated. Some have said that Airborne goes a long way in restoring their faith in music and in life. Heart felt compositions performed by amazing musicians.

When music is real it sets off a physical or emotional mood. Fans have claimed that the music of Airborne fills them with wonderful dreams and happiness. That it embraces them and really lifts them up. They can soar in the sky, dance in the sand, or even sail on a sea of hope. But most love the feelings of global unity, friendship, and peace.

Awesome and Cool, Commercial and Non-Commercial, Smooth and Contemporary, all at the same time. The music of Airborne reaches out to everyone in our crazy old world.

So take the Journey! Jump Onboard the Airborne Experience! Listen for the Message! ###