Monday, March 16, 2009

Airborne - Winds of Change - Video

Airborne the Musical Peacemakers of Contemporary Jazz
"Winds of Change" Video - An Inspirational Message of Hope.

The "Winds of Change" CD music is very uplifting and we took it's captivating groove and intervened it with speeches by President Obama, Dr. King, John & Robert Kennedy. Making for a very powerful experience.

Winds of Change - Denis Poole - Smooth Jazz Therapy

Airborne ‘Winds of Change’ is more than a recording, it is a rallying call for change and hope throughout the world.

The brand new album from New Haven, CT based Airborne is entitled ‘Winds Of Change’ and much of the publicity surrounding it makes clear that the title, compositions, and even the emotion of the project was inspired by the bands concern for world events. The implicit assertion, irrespective of faith, race, color or wealth, that together we can make this earth a better place is beyond dispute and in articulating this harmonious message Airborne has delivered nine wonderfully uplifting tunes which can be fairly described as some of the best smooth jazz to be heard this year.

‘Winds of Change’ is Airborne’s 6th CD and each subsequent release has demonstrated the growing confidence the band has in its own music and the diversity Airborne is never afraid to display. Although the 2005 album ‘Heavy Vibes’ was replete with top notch old school jazz fusion this, in the main, has been displaced by the world rhythms that permeated much of their 2007 project ‘Turbulence’ and the first rate contemporary jazz which exemplifies ‘Winds of Change’.

However, invariably through all of this has been the superb vocals of Elizabeth Dellinger that are at the core of all Airborne’s best moments and writing credits which continue to be predominately shared between band members, brothers Greg and Thomas Borino, and Thomas Sansone.

The feel good motif of ‘Winds of Change’ is beautifully demonstrated by the optimistic happy vibe of the title track. Reminiscent in part of Bob James’ ‘Sign Of The Times’ it features the sort of high quality backing vocals from Dillenger that fans of Airborne have routinely come to expect. When the track is later reprised as a backdrop to a series of inspirational sound bites Dillenger remains just as good and she returns to add her sparkle to the ‘party ready’ ‘Calypso Night’.

Thomas Sansone contributes excellent flute to the jazzy ‘Magic In The City’ where Thomas Borino on keys is also in fine form and his brother Greg takes the honors on guitar with the energetically up tempo ‘All Tied Up’. Sansone switches to sax for the deliciously evocative ‘Spanish Guitar’ and when the musical spotlight shifts from Europe to South America it’s the lovely shuffling Latin beat of ‘Brazilian Praise’ that affords Randy Bost the opportunity to shine on trumpet.

‘Just One Night’ is a superb slice of smooth jazz for which the entire band plays a part and in similar vein is ‘Rising Higher’. This brass enriched number is real ‘stadium jazz’ while the more studied ‘Better Days Ahead’ has a fine ‘in the pocket’ groove and more excellent guitar from Greg Borino.

Through the years a feature of Airborne has been its cohesion and the way the lead is generously shared between the players. ‘Winds of Change’ offers all of this and a chance to experience the work of a passionate group of musicians who obviously enjoy every second of what they do.

Winds of Change - HBH – Hans-Bernd Hülsmann - Smooth & Soul

Formed in 1988 the group Airborne looks now back on 20 years of recordings, jazz festivals, gigs, the whole ups and downs of being musicians. Based in New Haven, CT, USA, Airborne has received worldwide acclaims. The band consists of Steven Clarke (bass), Gregory Borino (guitars), Thomas Sansone (sax), Thomas Borino (piano, keyboards, organ, vocals), Asher Delerme (percussion) and Dean Kosh (drums). These musicians are joined on the new project Winds of Change by Randy Bost (trumpet, flugelhorn) Elisabeth Dellinger (background vocals) and on some of the tracks drummers Adrian Tramontano and Alwyn Smith.

The celebration of the 20th anniversary is a good opportunity to see at a glance their previous work. The group started with Take Off in 1990, followed by Across The Sky (1995), Lifetones (1999), Heavy Vibes (2004) and Turbulence (2007). The new album Winds of Change (2008) follows a special concept and impetus:

"Projects for Global Warming, Hunger, Natural Disasters, New Energy Resources, and Economical Distress have been created. All these concerns and factors have stressed our earth to its boiling point. The time is now for change. Without prejudice we must all stand together to achieve peace and global unity to take on this difficult task.

We must reach out our hands to the world. We can make this earth a better place to live. No matter what faith, race, color, or wealth you have. We are all children of this world. Help save our planet and its children! Reach out your hand and ride the Winds of Change!"

With this impetus in mind Airborne sees Better Days Ahead. Starting with relaxed guitar loops in the style of The Chic Thomas Borino soon showcases his piano skills. The uplifting Winds Of Change is featuring comprehensible and audible the flute. The melody is taken over by Thomas' piano. Gregory Borino's horn arrangement as supporting background is superb and just in the point.

It's a constant part of the repertoire of many live bands. Bossa Nova à la Brazilian Praise. And some Calypso à la Calypso Night isn't bad too. This captivating tune will push you to the dance floor.

Gregory's acoustic guitar delivers Spanish flavor in Spanish Guitar, while the original character is changed by the massive sax placement.

We drive further with Magic In The City. While the main melody is performed by Thomas Sasone on flute Thomas Borino sets accents with his furious piano play.

The provocative title Just One Night turns out as smooth ballade featuring Sansone's soprano sax. All Tied Up is another significant example for the perfect interplay of all musicians.

Rising Higher reminds of the British group Shakatak. There are certain similarities between both groups. The album is finished with a reprise of the title song. The reprise is a collage of recordings of famous contemporaries and the final message of the group.

Airborne offers with their 6th installment entertainment in the quality we can await from such an experienced group. A nice mixture of fun and lecture.

Wings of Change - Sandy Shore -

Airborne has come to be known as the “Musical Peacemakers” of contemporary jazz…the new project WINDS OF CHANGE, in their words, is a message to humanity that it is time to turn the page.

Based in New Haven, CT, Brothers Thomas and Gregory Borino, and Thomas Sansone, along with a large and impressive ensemble of talented band mates perform throughout the Northeast, leaving a wake of positivity and global goodness behind them.

Thankfully Airborne has managed to harness this passion and creative energy and capture it on the ten new tracks on the band’s 6th album to date. Everything has a frequency… surrounding ourselves with frequencies of joy is the fastest way to changing the plights of the world. Airborne has just made this easy.

Never has there been such a pleasurable soundtrack to focusing on achieving a greener, calmer,
balanced world where all are free to fulfill their potential. Stuffed full with the trademark Airborne sound of island passion and urban emotion, WINDS OF CHANGE is a flavorful offering with the depth and character we’ve come to expect from this world-class group.

Songs like the vibrant “Better Days Ahead,” the breezy groove “Winds of Change” and the
tropical “Calypso Night” conjure up a crystal clear musical body of water that beckons to be jumped into!

Winds of Change - Jazz Review - Susan Frances

Airborne always finds a new way to put the listener on an aircraft and fly them over exquisite landscapes that feel aurally entrancing and sensually relaxing. The group’s sixth CD Winds Of Change delivers an titillating carpet ride for listeners that reaches exciting heights and coasts elegantly along languid clarion channels.

Breezy, attractive island sways fumigate tracks like “Brazilian Praise” and the title track “Winds Of Change”
with silky textured chimes and serenely scented nuances enhancing its beauty. The calypso beats and bubbly keys bridged across “Calypso Night” create a buoyant ambience with a Caribbean zing and luscious, velvety vocals provided by Airborne’s singer Elizabeth Delinger.

The smooth Latin flare in guitarist Gregory Borino’s ringlets and the tender swirls of trumpeter/flugelhornist Randy Bost are splayed gingerly across “Spanish Guitar” as percussionist Asher Delerme spices up the dishnicely and bassist Steven Clarke dives right into the island-enriched riffs. Flutist/saxophonist Thomas Sansonepropels warm lathers, which softly foam up the melodic essence of “Magic In The City” as keyboardistThomas Borino sprinkles a tangy dressing over the tune.

For the album, Airborne rendered the services of three drummers, Dean Kosh, Adrian Tramontano and Alwyn Smith,who each play on a different track. The orchestral grids in the refreshing aerial passages of “Better Days Ahead”and “Just One Night” are softly welded and pervade a nocturnal lighting and romantic aura.

The band revisits the creamy melodic strudels that weave across “Winds Of Change” as the song is reprised on the final track topped with sound bytes from the public speeches of such luminaries as Senator Barack Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The track enforces the opinion that the world is on the verge of undergoing a positive change.

Airborne have been dubbed “musical peacemakers of contemporary jazz” and their latest CD Winds Of Change is socially poignant as the music fosters peace and unity and incorporates the listener into this mission. The album creates a peaceful environment for the listener, who then becomes a part of this expedition and shares in its triumph.